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Botox Miracles: Botox can beat Bladder problems

Here at Face Perfect Clinic we are fascinated about the science behind Botox and its uses.  Primarily, we use Botox to soften and fade facial wrinkles.  Botox works on facial muscles by relaxing them and stopping too much muscle from tensing, therefore preventing wrinkles and lines from deepening.  The chemical, officially called Botulinum Toxin, is injected into the point where the nerve and muscles meet, stopping a natural chemical from making the muscles tense up and therefore keeping your face smooth and youthful.   The most common use of Botox is for cosmetic surgery to give you a flawless face, but Botox also has some lesser-known and quite surprising uses.

botox-leeds-clinicBotox comes in very useful for treating disorders or conditions where the muscles may be unnecessarily tight or are working too much. In 1989 Botox was first used to treat Blepharospasm, where the eyelids twitch uncontrollably, which can be an embarrassing condition. It also makes life easier for people who have embarrassing conditions such as Hyperhydrosis, which is where the sweat glands work too much. A simple injection of Botox into the glands can massively decrease the production of sweat, meaning people can live happier, more comfortable lives.  Other conditions where Botox can be used as a treatment include spasms and dystonia, severe migraines and cerebral palsy.  Botox is miraculous because of the way it remedies embarrassing or restricting conditions.

The most recent development for Botox’s growing portfolio of medical uses comes in the form of a botox-lines-leeds-clinicmiraculous treatment for incontinence and over-active bladders. It is believed that 5 million women across the UK suffer from over-active bladders, but many never seek help because they are too embarrassed to speak up. If the condition is chronic it can affect people physically, psychologically and socially, as they may end up going to the toilet as often as 20 times a day and 5 times at night. A simple injection of Botox, administered directly to the bladder by a specially adapted device, can firm the bladder walls and prevent people from needing to pass urine as much. This treatment can potentially transform sufferers’ lives for good.

So Botox isn’t just to make you look young and radiant, but it can also achieve a lot of good for people who are living with uncomfortable and distressing conditions. In most cases it benefits the user by giving them a new lease of life.  Both reducing signs of ageing and reliving symptoms of embarrassing conditions give the patient confidence, bringing back their zest for life. Check out our clinic for Botox in Yorkshire if you want to discover the rejuvenating benefits of this miraculous medicine.



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