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Introducing Our Latest Treatment: Profhilo


Here at Face Perfect, we are looking forward to introducing a brand new treatment.


What is this treatment you ask?


It is called Profhilo.


It is not mesotheraphy, and this is not a filler.


This product is not just a treatment for the face; it can be injected into the neck, décolletage and the back of your hands. We have found that a lot of our clients tend to complain of the décolletage area due to loss of skin elasticity and it can be a very aging area. This treatment actually helps any other cosmetic procedures by improving the tissue quality.


We have used various treatments in this area but have never found a treatment that can successfully combat the signs of ageing over the neck and décolletage area.


This is why we are so excited to introduce the Profhilo treatment into our clinic. We may have finally found the answer, and it’s also a great new treatment that we can offer to our clients.


Profhilo requires 2 treatments, 4 weeks apart and 5 injections point over each area. The product spreads over the treated area and only takes around 10 minutes. You will see an overall improvement in the appearance of the skin, with noticeable results after a week. The best result can be seen 4 weeks after the second treatment.


If you have any questions about the Profhilo treatment or any queries, let us know and we’d be glad to help.


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Lip Fillers

Lip fillers otherwise referred to as 'lip augmentation' or 'lip enhancement'.At Face Perfect Clinic we use all Juvederm products made by Allergan and are all FDA approved. We strongly believe in enhancing the clients natural beauty and we do not like or believe in putting excessive product into the lips as this creates excessive volume and can leave the client with an unsightly 'trout pout'.The above picture shows the before and after pictures following lip augmentation using just 0.55mls juvederm that gives a subtl enhancement 

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PDO Thread

Treatment for under the eye using PDO threads

I have discussed PDO threads in previous articles.  In clinic today I have had treatment for the crepey skin under the eyes. Botox can be used around the eyes for treatment of the crows feet but can only be injected as far as the mid pupillary line.  Treatment for the crepey skin under the eyes can be limited.PDO monofilament threads can be inserted directly under the eyes which will tighten and lift the skin.  It can take up to 3 months before the client  is able to see optimal results but the results last up to 1 year.  

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PDO threads

PDO threads using cogs have been used here to lift the aging face, tighten skin and stimulate lipolysis.  Inserting the cogs into the mid and lower face can improve the nasolabial lines, oral commissures, marionette lines, jowls and define the jaw line.  The cogs can even be place into the neck to treat the ageing neck and tighten the surrounding skin.The PDO threads can give the client  a more youthful appearance by creating these subtle changes.

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PDO threads

PDO threads can be used for skin tightening, lipolysis and lifting of the face.  In clinic today we used a variety of threads to treat the lower face, jaw line and peri-oral lines.  The procedure is invasive but it has a short downtime and is associated with minimal and infrequent complications. 

Today we inserted a selection of threads into the dermis, placing monofilaments over the jaw line in a lattice-work arrangement.  Secondly, placing screws into the dermis above the top lip to treat the peri oral lines.  This treatment is aimed at skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, beautification, enahancement, improving texture and tone of the skin and creating a youthful appearance.  


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