How To Look Younger Without Anti-Wrinkle Treatments & Fillers

Looking younger and fresher is so much more than simply smoothing fine lines and adding volume. Looking younger and fresher can come from improved skin quality, better skin tone, and improved skin health. Some clients would prefer to not have injectable treatments, which is fine, but almost everyone could benefit from skin treatments.


We’re going to explore how to look younger without Botox and Fillers using topical, non-invasive skin treatments.


H2: Chemical Peels

Chemical peels enact a controlled exfoliation on the surface of your skin, acting more aggressively and deeply than a simple exfoliating face wash would. They create controlled damage to dry out your surface skin cells that are dead, damaged, and dying. Your skin then sheds to reveal a healthier, fresher, younger layer of skin cells beneath. The minor damage to the skin also kick-starts collagen production, adding youthful bounce to your complexion. Dead skin cells also reflect light poorly, meaning your skin may appear dull and grey, but fresh skin cells reflect light much better and therefore give you a glowing complexion.


Another common sign of premature skin ageing is hyperpigmentation by commonly caused by sun damage. This causes dark patches in your skin that may appear freckly or blotchy. Chemical peels also help to shed these damaged skin cells, lightening hyperpigmentation after just a few treatments.


H2: Dermapen

Dermapen is a form of microneedling treatment, a very popular skin treatment that uses tiny needles to pierce the skin. These needles open tiny wounds in your complexion that stimulates your skin’s natural healing processes. Fresh skin cells are produced to replace those that were damaged and in the process of shedding, fresh collagen is produced to plump and refresh, and blood flow is strengthened in the area to improve skin quality. Dermapen is a beautiful skin treatment ideal for those who would like to tackle volume loss, fine lines, dull skin, and pigmentation subtly. Your results develop over time and over the course of a few treatments, so your skin will gradually improve in tone, texture, and radiance.


This is the ideal skin treatment for those seeking not a stark before-and-after transformation, but a subtle journey to healthier skin.


H2: Obagi Skincare

We cannot reiterate enough that Obagi skincare is a wonderful skincare system that helps to freshen up ageing, dull, and tired skin without ever breaking the surface of it. Obagi skincare helps to smooth hyperpigmentation, improve overall skin tone and health, and readdress oiliness. In fact, Obagi skincare is a great testament to looking younger and fresher without having injectable treatments like Filler and Botox, because it helps to bring about a youthful glow whilst still looking like ‘you’. Products use ingredients like Vitamin C and retinol to goad your skin into shedding dead skin cells, creating beautiful tone and texture whilst reducing pigmentation and redness.


H2: Lifestyle

None of these treatments would be complete without maintaining a great relationship with your skin, and this doesn’t just mean cleansing and moisturising. Smoking, alcohol, and lack of sleep all cause premature collagen degradation, skin dehydration, and loss of vibrancy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle on top of your treatments and always wearing your SPF (yes, even on cloudy days and in the winter!) will help to protect against premature skin ageing and uneven pigmentation.


So, there you have it. There are so many effective treatments for smoothing the signs of ageing without using injectable treatments. These topical skin treatments enact real changes deep beneath the skin’s surface, so you can create healthy skin in just a few treatment sessions.


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