The Unexpected Uses Of Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Botox is a popular treatment for expressive muscles in the face. You probably know it best for treating things like crow’s feet or frown lines, but there are so many uses for Botox outside of these areas.


Well, Botox first and foremost is a medically regulated toxin, which means it is in its simplest form a medical treatment. There’s plenty of research going into what areas and for what means Botox can be used for, either cosmetically or within the medical world. Here are some of the unexpected uses of Botox, some of which are available at Face Perfect Clinic in Leeds!

Gummy smile

Much like the overactive muscles in the forehead cause wrinkles when you use them to pull your eyebrows up, overactive muscles in the upper lip can pull the tissue up, exposing gums when you smile. Some people feel this makes them look ‘horsey’ and throws their face out of proportion, which leads them to seeking treatment. With carefully placed Botox injections in the muscles beneath the upper lip, we can successfully inhibit this muscle from pulling the lip up and exposing too much gum.

Neck slimming, or the Nefertiti lift

So named because of this Egyptian queen and her iconic neck and jawline, the Nefertiti lift sees us carefully placing Botox in these precise areas to slim them. Botox can achieve this by relaxing the contracting muscles in these areas, causing us not to clench and therefore slimming the areas all together.


Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition sometimes referred to as excessive sweating, and is pretty much characterised by this too. When the excessive sweating is localised, such as in the hands, feet, or under-arms, Botox can be used to lessen it. Injecting Botox in these areas stops the sweat glands there from producing as much sweat, therefore keeping you fresher and drier for up to 6 months before a repeat treatment is necessary.

Eyebrow lift

The non-surgical eyebrow lift is also achieved using Botox! By injecting Botox into the muscles beneath sloping or sad-looking brows, we can successfully lift the brows. This can be done to simply elevate them slightly or to create a fashionable arch for more sculpted-looking brows.

Botox is so incredibly versatile that its now being used to treat many different medical conditions – in some cases, it can even treat jaw clenching! While it can be used for cosmetic purposes, Botox is still very much a medically regulated toxin, so always make sure you’re being treated by a qualified professional. Contact Us at Face Perfect Clinic in Leeds today to arrange your initial Botox consultation, or call us on 0113 4572805.