Obagi Clenziderm

Obagi CLENZIderm

This product is the only prescription strength acne treatment that contains a form of soluble 5% benzoyl peroxide (BPO) in combination with salicylic acid that penetrates deep into the follicle and treat acne where it starts.  It is available in 2 forms, normal to dry skin and normal to oily skin.  It is a 3 step system, simple to use and is only available through physicians.  It works on three primary causes of acne:

  1. Excess oil
  2. Clogged pores
  3. Acne-causing bacteria

Why is Obagi CLENZIderm different to other benzylperoxide treatments

Other BPO treatments have an insoluble micro and macro crystals which are too big to penetrate deep to the hair follicle so they just sit on the surface of the skin.  However clenziderm contains a solubilized form of 5% BPO which is designed to penetrate deep into the follicle and treat acne at the root.

Who can benefit from the CLENZIderm M.D. Normal to Oily System?

  • Patients with normal to oily skin
  • Patients who prefer gels
  • Patients with less sensitive skin who can tolerate most topical acne treatments

Who can benefit from the CLENZIderm M.D. Normal to Dry System?

  • Patients with normal to dry skin
  • Patients who prefer lotions
  • Patients with sensitive skin, or skin that is naturally dry
  • Patients looking to minimize side effects of retinoids or other acne treatments

When will I see the results?

Visible signs of acne can sometimes be reduced in 2 weeks and can also prevent further out breaks.  

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