Safe Practice in the Aesthetic Industry

I recently attended the International Association For Prevention Of Complications in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPCAM) in October of this year.

This seminar is aimed at preventing and managing complications in aesthetic medicine, which ultimately aims to improve patient safety. Currently the aesthetic sector is not viewed as a medical speciality, despite the efforts of well-respected individuals and associations within the aesthetic industry who have tried tirelessly to change this.

The Aesthetic industry is clearly unregulated, which therefore allows the ‘cowboys’ to treat clients. In simpler terms, this means that unqualified and inexperienced people are allowed to provide treatments.

This is worrying when we consider the complications that can arise and how this can have a devastating effect upon the client. With no regulations in place to safeguard the public and no recognised training and qualifications, the number of complications within aesthetics will only began to increase.

I as a Registered Nurse of 22 years and solely aesthetics for the last 7 years, think its imperative to be the best I can for my clients.

I constantly attend training, seminars and conferences but I thoroughly enjoy learning new concepts and techniques and increasing my knowledge and understanding of the latest treatments and technologies. I do this to improve clients’ results and outcomes, and to increase the overall client satisfaction of their journey.

When my client leaves my premises, I still treat them as a client. Therefore any concerns, or issues that they have, I want them to know that I can reassure and manage any eventuality that can and may occur.

Whilst I appreciate that the serious complications are rare, I think it is imperative that I am well informed to deal with anything that may occur and my client is aware of this. I do not want to be seen as the practitioner who is happy to take the clients money but fails to provide after care advice and treatment.

I also don’t want to be the practitioner who clearly does not care for her clients’ safety or wellbeing and only does this job for the money. I think that attitude is wrong on so many levels, and this is definitely not the attitude I like to carry out here at Face Perfect.

The public needs to be better informed when choosing the right practitioner, so they can make an informed decision before consenting to any treatment. In a time when aesthetic treatments are becoming more and more popular, it’s crucial that people know they are in safe hands and only receive treatment from qualified individuals.

It is my strong belief that all injectable treatments should only be carried out by medically trained practitioners such as Nurses, Dentists or Doctors.

Any kind of aesthetic treatment that is done by unqualified individuals can end up with very harmful results; it’s not worth the risk.

If you are thinking of having any aesthetic treatments, please ensure that you only consult with a medical professional that is fully qualified and trained to carry out such treatments.

Remember, the clients’ safety is paramount so let’s treat it that way.