Profhilo: what is the ‘injectable moisturiser’?

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If you haven’t heard of Profhilo, where have you been? It’s a beautiful regenerative treatment that helps revive ageing and sagging skin that has thinned due to the natural ageing process. Known as an injectable moisturiser, Profhilo is many people’s best-kept skincare secret… What is Profhilo for? Profhilo is a hyaluronic acid treatment that is…
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Why chemical peels are the best autumn skin treatment

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Transitioning between seasons can be difficult for our skin – drier air, higher winds, and colder temperatures can sap the moisture and glow from your skin quicker than summer instilled it. After a lovely hot summer, you need chemical peels to fortify your skin against the longer nights and darker days! What happens to your…
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Men’s Skin Facts and the Best Skincare

Category: Obagi, Skincare

Men don’t seem to know a lot about their skin and how to look after it properly. Men’s skincare has become extremely popular over the last decade or so, with big high street brand names endorsed by sports personalities bringing to market plenty of different cleansers, exfoliators, and moisturisers. But how good are these skincare…
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What is LED light therapy and can it help me?

Category: New Treatments, Skincare

For those who struggle with a skin condition, feeling the need to treat it can be hard. We love chemical peels and microneedling, but for some people with lower pain thresholds or even those who aren’t keen on the subsequent peeling skin, treatments for your skin condition can be draining. Wouldn’t it be great if…
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How we achieve full facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers

Category: Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers aren’t just for lips, but they’ve become almost synonymous with a plumped pout. Here at Face Perfect Clinic in Leeds, we’ve always held true to the fact that good filler isn’t immediately recognisable. We want all of our clients to walk away feeling confident that they look refreshed without those around them being…
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Dermal fillers for men: creating a more masculine face

Category: Blog, Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers were perhaps popularised by more ‘feminine’ treatments like lip fillers and cheek fillers, but there is somewhat unrealised potential in them for men. Undeniably, there’s plenty of men who receive these injectable aesthetic treatments, but there’s equal measure who simply don’t realise what dermal fillers could do for them. Can men receive these…
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Acne myths you shouldn’t believe

Category: Acne

Acne is so common, but something none of us wants to admit to or address. It’s a complex skin condition that comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some people experience good skin days and then sudden flare-ups out of nowhere, some get stress-related acne, and some experience a consistent presence of acne in some…
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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Skincare Ingredients

Category: Skincare

We can’t get enough of skincare. It’s one of the only at-home treatments that can procure transformative results, especially when you use professional-quality skincare. Now, some skincare ingredients are better than others, and some should be avoided by most (if not all) skin types. Here’s our Face Perfect Clinic guide to the good, the bad,…
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Face Perfect’s Clinical Guide to Undetectable Treatments

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We’ve all seen photos in the media of television personalities, reality TV contestants and ‘botched’ procedures that are all too noticeable. It’s these overdone facial features that injectable aesthetics, notably dermal filler and Botox, have become synonymous with and that’s such a shame! Really, it should be the specific injection technique and the injector themselves…
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