Dermal fillers for men: creating a more masculine face

Category: Blog, Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers were perhaps popularised by more ‘feminine’ treatments like lip fillers and cheek fillers, but there is somewhat unrealised potential in them for men. Undeniably, there’s plenty of men who receive these injectable aesthetic treatments, but there’s equal measure who simply don’t realise what dermal fillers could do for them. Can men receive these…
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Acne myths you shouldn’t believe

Category: Acne

Acne is so common, but something none of us wants to admit to or address. It’s a complex skin condition that comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some people experience good skin days and then sudden flare-ups out of nowhere, some get stress-related acne, and some experience a consistent presence of acne in some…
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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Skincare Ingredients

Category: Skincare

We can’t get enough of skincare. It’s one of the only at-home treatments that can procure transformative results, especially when you use professional-quality skincare. Now, some skincare ingredients are better than others, and some should be avoided by most (if not all) skin types. Here’s our Face Perfect Clinic guide to the good, the bad,…
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Face Perfect’s Clinical Guide to Undetectable Treatments

Category: Anti-Wrinkle, Blog, Lip Fillers

We’ve all seen photos in the media of television personalities, reality TV contestants and ‘botched’ procedures that are all too noticeable. It’s these overdone facial features that injectable aesthetics, notably dermal filler and Botox, have become synonymous with and that’s such a shame! Really, it should be the specific injection technique and the injector themselves…
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COVID-19: How We’re Adapting

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We are currently open for consultations and treatments. The health and safety of our clients and staff are paramount at this time. To ensure a safe environment we are closely following all government guidelines along with advice from professional bodies. * Staff have recent and specialist training * The clinic has new and updated sanitation…
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Which Obagi Skincare Do I Need?

Category: Obagi, Skincare

Confused about the right skincare for you, or aren’t sure what you should be looking for? Here’s our skin clinic guide to what your skin needs to help you determine the most suitable Obagi skincare for you. Acne-prone and congested skin Acne-prone and congested skin is mostly thought of as being a problem for teenagers,…
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The Differences Between Dermal Fillers and Botox?

Category: Anti-Wrinkle

Both of dermal fillers and botox are injectable treatments, so you’d be forgiven for getting the two a little muddled up, especially if you haven’t had them yourself. Let Face Perfect Clinic in Leeds answer all of your questions about these two treatments, that are so different but so often go hand in hand. What…
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Does My Lifestyle Affect My Skin?

Category: Blog

Unfortunately, yes, and more than we’re all prepared to admit. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so it is extremely sensitive to changes in your body and environment. There are many different environmental and lifestyle factors that cause flare-ups of existing skin conditions or even just make you appear tired and prematurely…
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Valentine’s Day Lip Fillers
Your Questions Answered

Category: Lip Fillers

If you’re considering lip fillers to plump your pout for Valentine’s Day, there are a few things you should know. Lip fillers can be used for so many different enhancements, not just adding volume to them, so there are a few considerations if you’d like lip fillers in time for Valentine’s Day! Face Perfect Clinic…
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