Your Guide To Winter Skincare Survival

The weather and your environment is extremely demanding on your skin. During the summer, we run the risk of elevated sun damage and burning, and during the winter our skin can quickly become irritated, dry, and dull. Do you have the right skincare for the season? At Face Perfect Clinic, not only do we have the professional skincare products and skin treatments to bring about a healthy complexion, but we also have the expertise to help your skin survive winter.

Step 1 – Exfoliation

In drier and colder temperatures, your skin dries out much faster than you’d think. This is why weekly or twice-weekly exfoliation is a must during the winter months. Dead and dry skin cells have actually been shown to reflect light a lot less than healthy skin cells, so your skin will literally appear duller and less radiant without exfoliation. Exfoliating helps to keep your skin bright and healthy when the weather is trying to wear it down. Professional skincare products are always a blessing during the winter, but so are treatments such as chemical peels, because they perform the real exfoliation.

Step 2 – Moisturising

Dry and cold air saps moisture from your skin, leaving your skin dried out and dull. Packing that moisture back into your skin with richer moisturisers than those you’d use for summer helps to keep your skin cells hydrated, alive, and glowing through their health and better reflection of light. Moisturising after heavy exfoliation is also a must, so this step in your winter skincare survival guide goes hand in hand with your exfoliation.

Step 3 – Sun Protection

Yes, this is making an appearance in the winter survival guide and no, it’s not just for summer. Sun protection is intrinsic to your skin’s health and continued beautiful appearance all year round, not just when on holiday or in the garden. The colder months of autumn and winter are possibly the times that this protection matters the most, because it’s the time we become the slackest in applying it. The UV rays in sunlight cause collagen degradation and the development of hyperpigmentation, but not all at once where you’ll see it immediately. This damage builds up over time, so that the effects of premature ageing in the years to come could’ve been controlled by applying sun protection earlier in life. Sun protection in the winter may not feel like it’s doing anything for your skin now, but future-you will thank you for it.

Healthy skin is always in

Skincare is very important to us at Face Perfect Clinic in Leeds, because we appreciate that a glowing complexion is sometimes all you need to feel beautiful. For some people, injectable treatments just aren’t for them, which is completely fine. For these clients though, we would always recommend taking good care of your skin if you’d like to enjoy a healthy and youthful complexion. In fact, you might enjoy our previous blog post on how to look younger without Botox and fillers.

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