Dermal fillers for men: creating a more masculine face

Dermal fillers were perhaps popularised by more ‘feminine’ treatments like lip fillers and cheek fillers, but there is somewhat unrealised potential in them for men. Undeniably, there’s plenty of men who receive these injectable aesthetic treatments, but there’s equal measure who simply don’t realise what dermal fillers could do for them. Can men receive these treatments? If so, where do they treat?

Well, our Leeds skin clinic takes a closer look.

Dermal fillers for men in Leeds – how to masculinise the face

The jawline

A masculine face is typically accepted as being wide and structured, especially in the lower face. A wide and angular mandible, or lower jaw, has been popularised in modern culture as being a quintessentially attractive male facial feature (think Brad Pitt, Henry Cavill, and Chris Evans). Using dermal fillers, we are able to create a stronger jaw to either enhance its natural shape or rebalance it with the rest of the face for those who have a narrower jawline. This creates the much sought-after angle in the corner of the jaw, as well as giving it a more squared appearance.

The chin

Another part of the lower face that complements the jawline is the chin, but this can come down to a natural face shape. For a squared jaw like Brad Pitt, we can use more filler in the jawline to create strength. For a diamond face shape (think the likes of Johnny Depp and Cillian Murphy) then a combination of a strong jaw and adding extra structure to the chin is necessary. Chin filler has become very popular with men (and women) when wanting to create a stronger face shape, but it can also be used to balance an over-proportioned mid-face, such as full cheeks but a soft jawline.

The cheeks

Men with a softer facial structure in the cheeks and a rounder face, in general, may also opt for cheek filler. This doesn’t mean building out the apples of the cheeks (those pinchable parts when you grin) but rather adding measured amounts of filler across the cheekbones. This helps to draw the eye upwards when looking at the face and adds masculine contour.

The temples

Because a stereotypically masculine face is broad, hollowed temples could detract from this and create a more aged look. Depositing small amounts of filler in the hollow of the temples can help to create not only a more youthful-looking face, but can also restore volume to provide a visibly broader forehead and eye area.

Lost facial volume

Dermal filler for men creates a more masculine face shape and structure, but what about all the other uses for filler? Plenty of male clients opt for treatments to tackle the same things our female clients do – lost facial volume due to ageing. This means nose-to-mouth lines, nasolabial lines (or sagging cheeks), and non-surgical nose jobs. Dermal filler for men doesn’t have to mean creating a dramatically more angular face, because the treatment is still incredibly effective and popular for just a simple refresh and treating the signs of ageing.


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