Tear Trough Treatment

A specialised non-surgical aesthetic treatment

to treat hollowness around the eyes…

What is a Tear Trough Filler Treatment?

The sunken area just below the inner corners of the eyes is known as the tear trough. A deep tear trough can create a shadow that is perceived as a dark circle below the eye. The skin in this region sags as fat deposits are redistributed with age.

As ageing leads to volume loss and tissue laxity in the lower eyelids, the tear trough becomes more prominent.

Patients who are good candidates for Juvederm Volbella treatment often complain of hollow eyes, dark circles, tired-looking eyes and would like this area plumping up. Candidates have good skin elasticity and adequate skin thickness. Tear troughs are associated with the ageing process however tear tough can occur at any age and these fillers are an effective, safe treatment.

How is the Tear Trough treated?

We will inject into the tear trough with a filler called Juvederm Volbella. This will reduce the appearance of dark circles and hollowing of the eyes. Book your consultation here for more information.

What happens during the treatment?

The treatment will take 30 minutes. The tear trough area is cleaned to reduce any risk of infection. The practitioner will use an eye pencil to mark the tear trough deformity and the injection points. Small amounts of Juvederm Volbella will be injected into the tear trough.

How long will the Juvederm Volbella filler treatment last?

Juvederm Volbella filler treatment for the tear trough can last for up to 1 year.

Are there any side effects when injecting the tear trough with Juvederm Volbella?

When treating the tear trough with the Juvederm Volbella filler, you may develop some slight bruising, swelling, lumps, and redness over the injection site, which is normal for any non-invasive treatment.

Any side effects will typically subside within a few days.

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