Obagi Medical

Designed to transform your skin, clinically proven results.

What is Obagi Medical Skincare?

Obagi Medical offers medical-grade skincare solutions that are designed to transform your skin from the inside out. For over 30 years, their products have been transformational to skin health.

Obagi have a strong focus on future-facing skin, setting up the foundations for a more confident you. Maintaining skin health, correction of fine lines, boosting elastin and collagen. Their products are formulated to minimise signs of ageing, address skin concerns including hyperpigmentation, acne and dark spots whilst also protecting your skin to enhance skin tone and texture.

Obagi Medical Skincare in Leeds

Here at Face Perfect Clinic Leeds, we pride ourselves on putting our patients above all else. We offer free skincare consultations, during which we get to know you, your concerns and desires so we can provide you with fully informed, tailored recommendations.

Our leading independent nurse prescriber and practitioner, Keely McBride, is one of four Obagi Key Opinion Leaders in North England, and Joanne Hick is an Obagi ambassador so you can feel confident you are receiving the best advice and care. Our team continuously work closely with Obagi and have received in-depth training surrounding products and all-around patient care.

Obagi Skincare Results





Who is Obagi Skincare suitable for?

Obagi Medical produce a range of skincare products so there is something for everyone! They pride themselves on their ‘Skinclusion’ movement, making suitable skincare for all no matter your skin type, colour or age.  For the best results, you will need to receive a free skincare consultation at Face Perfect Clinic Leeds so we can find you your perfect skincare plan.

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Why Obagi Medical?

Obagi is dedicated to developing scientifically-backed, clinical-quality formulations. Their approach to skincare innovation starts at a cellular level with a full understanding of skin biology.

Obagi Medical products are held to the highest standards, passing numerous tests to ensure every drop of product is identical, every ingredient is tested for safety and has been Dermatologist tested for allergenicity and irritation factors.

How can I order Obagi Skincare?

We have an easy online shop so you can order your favourite Obagi products whenever you need them. However, we do recommend you book a free skincare consultation online before starting any new skincare regime to get our expert advice.


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