Observ Deep Skin Analysis

Understand what lies beneath your skin and get personalised, expert recommendations.


Truly understand what lies beneath the surface of your skin with Observ, a deep skin analysis device that uses patented imaging software to look deep within your skin tissue without ever breaking the surface.

Your skin consists of multiple layers that you can’t see with the naked eye, and it’s these deeper layers that often show the warning signs of damage that will soon become visible. Using polarised illumination and skin fluorescence, the Observ is able to map the different layers of your skin using imaging technology, showing you the signs of sun damage, premature ageing, and skin degradation at a deeper level before they become prevalent on the skin’s surface.

What can the Observ deep skin analysis detect?

The Observ deep skin analysis can show you the following skin concerns and symptoms:

  • Hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Melasma
  • Budding blemishes like acne and blackheads
  • Plugged pores and oil
  • Areas with diminished blood flow
  • Dehydration and areas of sensitivity
  • Rosacea, keratinised skin, and inflammatory skin conditions
  • Collagen loss, wrinkle formations, and premature ageing
  • Areas of thinning skin
  • Vascular conditions


What the Observ analysis involves

This treatment, though it looks at the deeper levels of your skin, is completely non-invasive. First, we clean your skin and place your face in the machine. Using polarised light technology, 6 images are taken of your skin which takes around 30 seconds. We will then analyse the images provided with you and make our best recommendations for a treatment plan, which may include both treatments and skincare.

The benefits of Observ Deep Skin Analysis

  • Receive a discrete skin analysis report that is unique to you
  • Treat skin damage and degradation at its root before it reaches the surface
  • Monitor the progress of your skin treatments and skincare routine
  • 100% safe, harmless, painless, and non-invasive
  • Prevent further skin blemishes and imperfections by identifying the signs early

This procedure is free when you book a skin assessment, so we are excited to help you transform your skin at Face Perfect Clinic in Leeds. 


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