Valentine’s Day Lip Fillers
Your Questions Answered

If you’re considering lip fillers to plump your pout for Valentine’s Day, there are a few things you should know. Lip fillers can be used for so many different enhancements, not just adding volume to them, so there are a few considerations if you’d like lip fillers in time for Valentine’s Day! Face Perfect Clinic lifts the lid on lip fillers in Leeds.

When to have lip fillers

If you’re considering having lip fillers before Valentine’s Day, then we’d recommend having them at least 24 hours beforehand. This will let any immediate swelling go down – though there may still be some residual swelling there too – and we’d recommend not drinking alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment either as this lessens the risk of bruising. After 24 hours’ post-treatment, you can put makeup over any bruising that may be occurring (though it is typically minimal).

Lip fillers for volume and structure

Lip fillers aren’t just about adding extra volume to the lips, they can do so much more. Simply adding extra volume to make them plumper is a popular treatment but it’s not the only thing they’re capable of. At Face Perfect Clinic we can create some truly stunning results.

Enhancing the Cupid’s bow is definitely worth a mention on this holiday of love! We precision-place injections in the Cupid’s bow to give it more structure. This doesn’t necessarily add volume, but it gives the lips’ borders more structure, especially from a side-on or profile view. This can help give a more subtly pouty appearance without looking ‘too filled’. This is very popular with those who would like more natural-looking results but still have an enhanced, flirty pout.

Enhancing the philtrum is similar to the Cupid’s bow in that it helps add structure to the upper lip. The philtrum are the two lines that extend upwards from your Cupid’s bow towards your nose’s septum, so adding dermal filler in this area helps to create extra dimension in your lips without necessarily plumping them.

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