What is LED light therapy and can it help me?

For those who struggle with a skin condition, feeling the need to treat it can be hard. We love chemical peels and microneedling, but for some people with lower pain thresholds or even those who aren’t keen on the subsequent peeling skin, treatments for your skin condition can be draining. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a facial treatment that was warm and comfortable and all you had to do was lie down and enjoy the sensation? Well, introducing LED light therapy by Dermalux.

What is LED light therapy?

Dermalux uses LED light therapy to softly and gently revitalise your skin. It uses the power of natural light (not sunlight, there is no UV radiation present) to enhance the health of your skin. A light therapy mask is placed over your face when you lie down on our treatment bed and the correct light colour is applied, letting you simply enjoy the experience for a full 20 minutes. The light energises your skin and the different colours have different wavelengths, so they stimulate different processes to treat complex skin conditions.

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What does LED light therapy treat?

LED light therapy by Dermalux is unique in that it can treat almost anything with just the flick of a button to change the light colour. A course of treatments with the light colour needed could help you treat sun damage, acne and blemishes, rosacea and redness, eczema, sensitive skin, inflammation, dermatitis, wound healing, and treat a dull complexion.

Which light colour do I need?

Different light colours have different treatment benefits. Here’s a quick look at which may suit you best –

  • For acne and blemishes, you need blue light therapy. Blue light has powerful antibacterial properties, killing bacteria on the skin that cause acne and spots. This can also help reduce further irritation, future oil production, and can also treat eczema and psoriasis.
  • For improved overall skin quality you need red light treatment. Red light helps to boost your skin’s barriers as well as increasing natural hydration levels, reducing inflammation, shrinking pores, regulating oil production, improving circulation, accelerating skin repair, and treat inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea. This is the treatment for those with problematic skin.
  • For youthful skin and treating fine lines and wrinkles you need near infra-red light therapy. This is because near infra-red light is the most deeply absorbed wavelength of light, so it reaches cells to increase their permeability and absorption, boosts collagen and elastin production for smoothed lines and wrinkles, reduces sensitive inflammation, accelerates wound healing, and treats cystic acne.

With this being said though, it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to combine different lights at different times during your treatment journey. You’ll notice an improved complexion after your first treatment, but a full course will help to truly transform your skin.

How do I maintain my results?

As always, sun protection and a good skincare routine will support your results beautifully. This maintains a healthy skin barrier whilst also protecting it from the harm of UV rays. It’s recommended you opt for a full treatment course of LED light therapy by Dermalux, as this will provoke deeper, longer-lasting changes in your skin.

To find out more, contact Face Perfect Clinic in Leeds today to book your Dermalux consultation and find out how we could help you transform your skin quality and health using the natural and non-invasive healing power of light.