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At Face Perfect Clinic, we can offer competitive prices tailored to your individual needs.

Two weeks after any treatment you will also receive a free follow up appointment.

For some patients discretion is of the utmost importance. At our clinic confidentiality is ensured.


Treatment Price
Botox Leeds £170 for 1 area, £200 for 2 areas, £250 for 3 areas
Platysmal bands £250
Juvedérm fillers start from £150 per syringe
Tear Trough £350
Lip enhancement start from £150-£350
Lip enhancement (volbella) £300
Cheek and Chin augmentation start from £350
Hyperhidrosis £350
Obagi Nu-Derm system (chemical skin peel)  start from £499
Obagi Clenziderm system £143
Obagi Blue peel Radiance £70
Obagi-C Rx skin care system £332
Perfect peel £349 with the booster
Dermapen £160 per treatment
Profhilo £550

Fabulous Me

Treatment Name Areas Treated Price
Perfect contour Cheeks £595
Perfect contour Plus Cheeks, Chin + Jaw £850
The Perfect Pout and Contour Cheeks, Lips £550
The Perfect Pout and Contour Plus Cheeks + Bigger Lips £595
Bright Perfect Eyes Cheeks + Tear Troughs £595
The Perfect profile Cheeks, Jaw, Chin + Lips £950
The Perfect Profile Plus Cheeks,  Jaw, Chin + bigger Lips £999

Real Me

Treatment Name Areas Treated Price
The Perfect Definition Cheeks + Jaw £800
The Perfect Refresh Cheeks + Jaw + Naso Labial £899
The Perfect Revitalisation Cheeks + Tear Trough + Brow Lift + Lips £950
The Perfect package Phase 1 Cheeks + Jaw + Chin £999
The Perfect  package Phase 2 Brow Lift + Nasolabial Lines + Marionette Lines + Lips £999

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