Face Perfect’s Clinical Guide to Undetectable Treatments

We’ve all seen photos in the media of television personalities, reality TV contestants and ‘botched’ procedures that are all too noticeable. It’s these overdone facial features that injectable aesthetics, notably dermal filler and Botox, have become synonymous with and that’s such a shame! Really, it should be the specific injection technique and the injector themselves that these over-the-top facial features should be associated with, not the treatments.

This is because injectable treatments only procure great results when injected properly, following good injection technique and by an experienced aesthetic practitioner. We’ve put together a guide on how we achieve undetectable treatments for subtle enhancements and how we approach the always popular treatments, so that they too are natural-looking.


The perceptions of Botox are changing, as many people are releasing that not only does it still allow you to look natural, but that it also has many other uses previously unknown. It can give a fresher-looking you, without it being immediately pinpointed why.

Unheard of Botox treatments

The masseter muscle is the muscle in your jaw that controls opening, closing, and chewing. If you put your finger just above the right-angle of your jawbone and clench, you can feel it moving beneath the skin. For those with a bulky lower jaw or a heavier lower face, injections of Botox here can relax this muscle and give smoother results, essentially ‘slimming’ the jawline by distressing it. It’s a treatment not many people associate with Botox and it can help give a more feminine appearance to the face.

A gummy smile or a ‘horsey smile’ is something plenty of people, both men and women, are self-conscious of. Because Botox is so commonly associated with forehead wrinkles and frown lines, many people don’t realise that precision-placed injections in the muscles beneath the upper lip stops it from being pulled up as high. The result is less of your gums being on show when smiling, creating a more even smile.

A downturned mouth gives a lot of people a sad or aggressive appearance, as the muscles at rest naturally pull the corners of the lips down to form a sloping line. Lips are so commonly enhanced using lip fillers, that many clients simply haven’t heard of this secret aesthetics trick to turn the corners of the mouth upwards to a more even line rather than drooping. This is particularly effective for more mature clients who have perhaps lost some skin structure, and again is typically an undetectable aesthetic treatment.

Forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet will always be closely linked to Botox and of course there’s nothing wrong with that as long as these treatments are done properly. Less is more, and if you find that after your first treatment, you’d like a little bit more, it’s always far easier to build on results we’ve already achieved than to try to take them away.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are perhaps the most well-known injectable treatment because of how popular they’ve become over recent years. We love performing subtle dermal filler treatments and there’s an art to achieving a good result but there’s also these lesser-known treatments…

Undetectable dermal filler treatments

Tear trough filler for dark circles is not a treatment that is hugely popularised but it’s definitely an undetectable treatment that will make your friends think you’ve been getting better sleep or drinking more water. The tissue under the eyes (the semi-circle of thin skin directly underneath your lower lashes) can appear darker and tired even if you’re awake and alert, just through the skins’ composition. Injecting dermal filler in the tear troughs helps to add subtle volume here, so the thin skin doesn’t rest on the eye sockets underneath as heavily and therefore helps them appear brighter and more awake.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty, compared to the surgical rhinoplasty, this is an undetectable treatment. There’s virtually no downtime, with only the potential of tiny bruises at the injection points and maybe some slight swelling; compared to the months of healing of the surgical option, this is almost nothing. It’s a really subtle way of correcting minor issues in the bridge of the nose, including a bump or a slight fracture. It can be used to either build out a nose for a more masculine appearance, or smooth the bridge for a more feminine look.

Undetectable lip fillers are everywhere and you don’t even realise it, because they look so natural! The only lip fillers that are obvious are those that are too overdone or purposefully statement-making. Even just placing small amounts of filler in the philtrum (the part of your lips that runs from your Cupid’s bow up to the septum of your nose) can produce a better lip shape without creating a drastically different pout. Good lip fillers take your own natural lip shape as the guideline for the treatment, enhancing what is naturally there – not building something completely new. Natural-looking lip filler is good lip filler and this is what we do at Face Perfect.


Really, any injectable treatment can be subtle, natural and undetectable if you visit the right aesthetics practitioner. An approach that takes your natural features as the initial blueprint and takes guidance from, not disregards and builds on top of, your natural facial features means your results will be personally crafted for you.

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